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Your single end-to-end guide to help plan your wedding reception from start to finish, with the right approach and the right level of detail.

A Wedding Reception is often;

- the final part, and often the most remembered part of your wedding day

- the longest part of your wedding day

- the most expensive part

It also the part, which afterwards, most couples wish they could go back and change.

So make sure that you plan yours properly.

The key is to get into the right mindset because your approach needs to be fundamentally different to the way you plan the rest of your wedding day.

The Wedding Reception Planning – Master Guide, will give you a much better understanding of;


- what the reception is, why it is held, and what a successful reception really means

- the breadth, depth, and level of detail required for all elements of your reception plan

- the importance and the role of the guest which is critical for all aspects of your planning

- that every decision you make, including the simplest ones, will contribute to the success of your reception

- how to minimise the chance of small things going wrong, and instead make all aspects work better for all

- how to thoroughly inspect and choose your venue

- how to select the right service providers such as your entertainment and MC

- how to structure and better manage the complex task of planning a reception

- how to improve the way you manage and communicate with all service providers and ultimately improve their performance on the day

- how to ultimately have peace of mind that you have properly planned your reception.

Once you have read the 'Wedding Reception Planning - Master Guide' you will be on track to make sure your wedding reception is truly 'something special'.

There is no other resource like this one.

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'The wedding industry has been craving for this type of book.'

Greg Evans

(Television and radio celebrity and professional marriage celebrant.)

Whether your reception is in a hotel, reception centre, local hall, restaurant, garden setting, or even at home, the fundamentals to planning are the same.

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